Club Regulations


The purpose of these bylaws is to regulate Mission San Jose High School’s clubs, both those established during this school year and those currently active. The club responsibilities detailed in this document also act as a deterrent to the formation of the frivolous clubs. In designing these bylaws, it was decided that all bylaws would not ask more of clubs than ASB would be willing to do itself.

Once a club has acquired five strikes, the club will be placed on trial. At the trial, club grievances will be presented by ASB and the members of the club will have the opportunity to defend themselves. Following this, council will vote on whether or not to dissolve the club. If the council votes to not dissolve the club, then another vote will proceed on whether or not to fine the club an amount of at least $150. Fines may vary depending on severity of violations, and amounts will be determined by the council and/or the cabinet(consisting of class officers and ASB officers) as seen reasonable. After the trial, strikes will not reset for the club and if the club reaches seven strikes, it will be immediately dissolved.

Failure to comply with any of these bylaws will result in the penalty mentioned after each entry against the club. Tallied strikes will be sent out to clubs periodically or upon request.


  1. All clubs must conduct meetings as often as their constitution specifies. Clubs may cancel meetings but must meet on a regular basis. Advisors must be present for ALL club events including meetings and fundraisers. Typed monthly reports are due to the ASB Vice President/his or her box in N7 by the end of lunch on the first school day of the next month. He or she will look over the monthly report, and decide if any actions must be taken in response to this report. Incomplete or late club reports will result in a strike for every missed report.
  2. Clubs may submit requests to be added to the read meets(usually done on Tuesdays) Announcements must be submitted in advance, and ASB reserves the right to not announce due to, but not limited to, excessive announcements, inappropriate information, or last minute requests. Requests can be submitted via google form–>Announcements–>Club announcement form. Clubs must submit a minimum of 2 school-wide announcements to be read at read meets and sent on ASB’s email/social network announcements each semester.
  3. All clubs must send a representative to Wednesday Student Council every week (one person may not represent multiple clubs). Clubs are all members of the Student Council, which is the primary decision-making body of students. The representative will be required to sign-in at every Council. A strike will be tallied for each absence from council. This guideline also applies to clubs that leave council meetings before their adjournment. Leaving early constitutes an absence.
  4. Clubs may not host meetings on Wednesdays due to Council.
  5. All clubs must produce a constitution that details their purpose and mode of operation. They must also at all times have an updated signed officer list and signed Advisor Agreement form. These forms must be in the possession of the ASB Vice President as well as the Club President at all times. If the club loses its advisor, it has 2 weeks to find a new advisor and turn in a new Advisor Agreement Form to the ASB VP. The club must comply with all parts of their constitution, including elections, membership fees, etc. Failure to do so will result in an immediate strike. A second offense will warrant a vote by Council on whether to dissolve the club or institute a fine of $100.
  6. In accordance with California Assembly Bill 1575, clubs may not charge mandatory fees of any sort as grounds for participation in the club or any of its activities. Voluntary donations may be requested. Violation of this state law will jeopardize the club’s existence on campus.
  7. All clubs, as members of the Associated Student Body, are encouraged to participate in certain school-­‐wide events that promote school spirit/unity, including but not limited to, Green & White Day, Canned Food Drives, and Campus Beautification projects.
  8. Club advisors must be present for all official club events outside of school hours. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the immediate termination of the event and a strike.
  9. Clubs may host fundraisers only after a fundraising form is completed and approved by Council and the business office. Food/drinks may not be sold except during Multicultural Week. Hosting a fundraiser without approval will result in the immediate termination of the fundraiser as well as a strike.
  10. Clubs may only make announcements to classes during the read period on Tuesdays. Holding read-meets on any other day will result in a strike unless the club receives special pardon by the ASB Vice President.
  11. Clubs may use the butcher paper and chrome markers in N7 to make posters during lunch on Mondays ONLY. Clubs must notify the L2 student working the Activities Office that day and must clean up after themselves. Supplies may not be removed from N7. Failure to clean up will result in ALL clubs losing privileges to use the materials and a strike to the club that committed the offense.
  12. Posters may not be hung up in wings (including the gym quad), on windows/doors, on poles, or places where paint can be peeled off. Clubs must provide their own tape and must take down posters/fliers once the event they are advertising has passed. Only blue painter’s tape may be used. Disregarding this rule will result in a minimum $25 fine and a strike.
  13. Any time a club hosts or participates in any sort of event or function, they are responsible for cleaning up the area that they use. The entire area must be fully clear of trash or litter before the club leaves. Violation of this rule will result in a minimum $25 fine and a strike.
  14. Clubs must host at least one event per quarter (other than a meeting) that pertains to the activities and interests of the club.
  15. Fines indicated in bylaws are not static and subject to change based on severity of violations. Amounts will be determined by the council and/or the cabinet(consisting of class officers and ASB officers) as seen reasonable.


Exceptions to any of these rules may only be requested at least 1 week in advance of the event, deadline, etc. Requests for exceptions must be made to