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Throughout the year, there are many school-sponsored dances. Mission students are welcome to invite a non-Mission guest, provided that Mission students submit a guest pass from the activities office in advance and the student assumes responsibility for his/her guest in so far as obeying all the school rules. The following rules are in effect at all school dances held on school campus.

Identification Cards: Students must have a current MSJ ID card to enter a school dance unless they are a guest. All lost ID cards must be replaced in the activities office for a change of $5.
Guests: Guest passes must be filed with the activities director. Guests must be escorted into the dance by an MSJ student.
Early Departure: Students are NOT permitted to leave a dance until 15 minutes prior to the end of the dance.
Misbehavior: Any misbehavior or violation of established rules will result in the student being removed from the dance as well as other appropriate administrative action.
Late Arrivals: No admittance will be allowed after the first hour of a school dance without prior and advance ticket sale.
Physical Conduct: Students must take note that dirty dancing is prohibited during the duration of the dance.
Absence: Students may not attend a dance on a day in which they did not attend school.
Debts: Debts must be cleared prior to purchasing dance tickets, or you will not be permitted to enter the dance.
Alcohol: Breathalyzer will be in effect and used at every dance!

WINTER BALL                              December 18, 2015 
JUNIOR PROM                           March 26, 2016
SENIOR BALL                             May 28, 2016

The activities office is located in the N-wing at the door of N7. Please feel free to go up to the window and ask for help. It is open during lunch and after school, except for Fridays.