The business office is located in the office near the flag pole and is run by Ms. Forsythe. All ASB fundraising is regulated with her help. ASB leadership council reserves the right to suspend fundraising or spending of money for all recognized ASB organizations.

Lockers are assigned by ASB during orientation. You must provide your own lock and keep a lock bumper on it at all times. If you did not get a locker, you must go to the activities office and apply for one. Some lockers leak, so be careful if you have a lock out in the open where rain can enter and damage your textbooks. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property. You may not deface your locker in any way or else you will be reported to the authority. If you have any questions regarding lockers, talk to Mansi Shah, the ASB Vice President.

The career center is open everyday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM to help students with scheduling and college plans and career plans. This is also where you go to find out about financial aid for college, as well as scholarships. A nice website for ambitious scholars is www.fastweb.org, which contains information about scholarships, colleges, etc.

If you are interested in taking an ROP, contact the work experience coordinator who is in the office. ROP classes are offered both on campus and off campus. There are also courses available over the summer.

If you are taking PE, the PE teachers will provide a “little locker” for you. You are responsible for your lock and anything else you want to put in there. PE teachers will designate the safe and appropriate dress for PE.

Student parking permits for the senior parking lot are reserved for members of the 2015 class only! Those students wishing to park in the student parking lot must register their vehicles with Brandi. Underclassmen wishing to park in the lower lot must contact Brandi. Student parking stickers must be mounted on the front window. Seniors may park only in the student lot, not the staff lot. Students may not park in the horseshoe or in the area off Mission Boulevard. Students who violate this policy or drive inappropriately on campus will be sited by the Fremont Police Department and while lose their parking privileges.