Service Learning

Click here to download the Service Explanation Form
Click here to download the Service Site Supervisor
Click here to download the Service Verification

Complete all of the forms in this packet in detail. Please write a full and detailed explanation of where and what you are doing for your service hours. When you are ready to turn in your completed service project, turn in all forms. You may print these forms, or you may save them, and then open and complete using Adobe Acrobat. If you complete the forms using Acrobat, save and print a copy to turn in.

You MUST also turn in the 4th requirement, a REFLECTION (A typed summary reflecting upon your experience. Answer these questions in your reflection: What did you learn? Do you believe you provided meaningful service? Would you do this service again? ). So, you will turn in FOUR forms (all at once, stapled) to complete your Service Project.

***Make a copy of your forms before you turn them in. Keep these copies for your records.

If you have any questions, see Mr. Breazeale (service coordinator) in the Activities Office, N-7