The student body at Mission San Jose High School is governed by five ASB officers and four more officers from each student’s respective classes. Elections take place in the spring and are taken care of by the head of elections of Leadership II. ASB officers govern all 2200 students, while class officers govern their respective students.

ASB Officers
President: Raymond Yin
Vice President: Austin Chang
Secretary: Cherin Koh
Treasurer: Wenhan Fang
Activities Coordinator: Anuja Konda
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Class of 2018
President: Sanil Chawla
Vice President: Jasmine Syu
Secretary:  Abhinav Gopal
Treasurer: Angela Lu
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Class of 2019
President: Flora Chang
Vice President: Winnie Xu
Secretary: Annie Meng and Emily Zhang
Treasurer: Benjamin Lam
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Class of 2020
President: Samrat Ghosh
Vice President: Lucas Chang
Secretary: Janet Cui
Treasurer: Alan Yao
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Class of 2021
President: Sabrina Cai
Vice President: Ian Park
Secretary: Moyna Bhattacharya
Treasurer: Tavish Mohanti
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