Club Pages

Club Name Room Advisor Description Email
A.C.E.S. C13 Mr. Van Deusen A.C.E.S., an awareness club for endangered species, works to save endangered species around the globe! We spread awareness about the various species and environmental issues and propose possible solutions. We also host frequent fundraisers, in which donations are sent to the World Wildlife Fund, to protect an animal of our choosing. Be the voice for those who have none!
Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club N1 Ms. Zhang As high school students, we face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time. The Acts of Random Kindness Club strives to make our school and community more bearable by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities, and events, because every little thing in life can make a difference.
American Cancer Society M3 Mrs. Evans Fight for the cure! The American Cancer Society club plans to hold monthly meetings to help raise cancer awareness. There will be fun activities and informational sessions to help people be more informed about cancer. We also actively participate in Relay for Life.
Asian Outreach Club B24 Ms. Weed-Wolnick Asian Outreach is a club designed to educate students about the Asian culture. This helps students better identify themselves with their native backgrounds and also aids in the progression towards unification of students of different cultural backdrops. In addition, this club helps foreign students who are new to MSJ and/or United States to better assimilate to the new environment. N/A
California Scholarship Federation B9 Mr. Liu MSJ CSF (California Scholarship Federation) is a nationally recognized academic club that emphasizes community service. We provide students with a wide variety of volunteer activities as well as ensure their receipt of scholarships. Our adviser is Mr. Liu, and we meet in B9 during lunch.
Chinese Chess Club A2 Mr. Sugden Chinese Chess Club aims to enrich the lives of Mission students about the traditional Chinese game, Chinese Chess. We will teach any students that are interested in Chinese Chess, and hold competitions with prizes throughout the year open to all students. N/A
Chinese Culture Club N4 Ms. Chiu The Chinese Culture Club’s goal is to help students learn more about China’s language and culture, and of course, have fun in this process! Join our club for the opportunity to casually interact with native Chinese speakers and fellow enthusiastic learners. We aim to nurture students in a friendly and symbiotic environment, where Chinese learners and those interested can feel free to contribute ideas and questions.
COR Dance Club PE/Gym Ms. Randazzo Cor Dance Club is a dance club at Mission San Jose High School that strives to teach various styles of dance to the student body. Our goal is to create a safe environment for dancers to come together and express their abilities, learn new styles, and contribute to the diverse culture of our school. We offer classes in hip-hop, contemporary, and jazz!
Debate Locker Room Mr. Thomsen Debate is a growing club that introduces students to formal argumentation between two teams. Debate is an essential tool for articulating reasonable arguments and learning about current events, as well as making new friends and traveling all over the country to compete at nationally ranked tournaments.
En Passant C12 Mr. Geschke En Passant is the MSJ chess club. We meet on Mondays and teach students chess skills. We also hold tournaments from time to time. N/A
Ethnic Race Relations Committee E1B Ms. Dotson We strive to promote ethnic diversity on campus and are trained to deal with any tensions that might arise in the student body.
Exit Zine N11 Ms. Sepúlveda Exit Zine is a feminist zine, or mini magazine, dedicated to providing the students of MSJHS with reliable and accurate information on feminism as well as providing personal reflections/submissions from the students of MSJHS. We publish two editions a year, one each semester.
Food For Thought C1 Mr. Saldaña Eat, taste, and explore all aspects of food with the members of Food For Thought! Our club holds meetings and tastings where we taste and share a variety of delicious foods and unique recipes. Additionally, we will explore the impact of food on our daily lives and have meaningful discussions on food. For more information check our our Facebook group or shoot us an email at!
Gay-Straight Alliance P25 Ms. LaRosa The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a safe community where LGBTQ+ students and allies can hang out, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia. Contact us at Everyone is welcome!
Go Club B9 Mr. Liu Go is a unique strategy game that originated thousands of years ago in China, when the Emperor and nobles played the game in their free time to sharpen their minds. Today the game is played throughout China, Japan, Korea, and the Western World. Members of our club will be introduced to basic rules and strategies of the board game and develop an appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of Go. Come play the traditional Asian game of Go! N/A
iKnit B21 Mrs. Kearns Did you know that knitting and crocheting are scientifically proven to be therapeutic? MSJ iKnit is a club for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels to share their passion with others while giving back to the community through annual charity projects. Members gather to share patterns and designs and have the opportunity to receive community service hours in return for finished projects such as scarves, hats, and baby blankets. No experience is required, and supplies are provided for free by the club!
Junior State of America C1 Mr. Saldana JSA is the largest student-run organization in the country and holds several conventions within each state per year. Through JSA, you can not only meet people from all over NorCal, but also learn more about current events, government, and politics from spirited talks and debates.
Landcruizers N5 Mr. Vierk Do you want to learn to skateboard? Do you already know how and just want to skate and chill? If so, this is the club for you! Come to our meetings on the first Friday of every month for a fun and relaxing place to discover board products, learn some basic boarding info, or just chill. We’ll also have Slide Jams so be sure to come out to those too!
Make-A-Wish B4 Ms. Ishimine MSJ’s Make-A-Wish Club grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. The power of Make-A-Wish lies in the simplicity of this mission: the Foundation is focused on the children who need us. Each of these children and his/her family believe that a life can be measured in memories, not in years. Meetings are every other week in C10 where we brainstorm fundraising ideas, arrange trips to interact with wish grantees, and discuss methods to aid children with terminal diseases. Come join us as we celebrate the power of a wish! N/A
Mission Anime N4 Ms. Chiu Mission Anime is a club that was created to promote, celebrate, and participate in the anime subculture mainly based in Japan.
Mission Guitar B34 Kim Mathis Mission Guitar a recreational music club at Mission that aspires to promote guitar-playing in our community. We will perform at a variety of local venues, such as parks, senior centers, and schools. If applicable, students can also receive service learning hours for performances!
Mission Korean Music P8 Ms. Geers Mission Korean Music is a club dedicated to creating a fun and comfortable environment for students to explore, or even form, love and interest for Korean music and to meet others of the same interest. We introduce highlight groups, learn dances, and even play games inspired by variety shows! This club meets a few times a month, and also holds activities and performances outside of school.
Mission San Jose Television E1A Mr. John Boegman In 2015-2016, MSJTV will be in its 7th season. MSJTV is a club on campus dedicated to providing the students with an opportunity to explore broadcast journalism. Members will take part in creating episodes by covering school events, interviewing students on campus, and writing their own news segments. New members interested in joining the organization can apply at the beginning of the school year.
Mission SOS B16 Mr. Cain We are teens aimed at spreading awareness of problems within our community, and encouraging our peers to become active philanthropic members in their communities through projects such as: increasing tech literacy among seniors in retirement homes, coat, toy, and toiletry drives and fundraisers for women’s shelters and SAVE, the beautification projects. We allow our members to pursue and lead different forms of community service that they feel are needed in not only MSJHS or Fremont but in the Bay Area. In doing so we hope to develop and teach our members valuable life skills.
Mission Ultimate B36 Mr. Alves Hold weekly games at Old Mission Park or another agreed park to play on. Along with other meetings/events that will be held on weekdays, usually in B36. N/A
MSJ 3D Printing Club B3 Dr. Brucker Interested in learning how to use a 3D Printer? Join the 3D Printing Club to learn how to design objects and print them using the school’s printers. We meet every Thursday during lunch in B3. Email us at
MSJ Academic Challenge C12 Mr. Geschke MSJ Academic Challenge is a club that focuses on various academic competitions including Science Bowl, Ocean Science Bowl, Quiz Bowl, and Science Olympiad. Practices are held weekly to prepare teams for regional and national competitions, as well as to help students learn more about fields they are interested in. This club is great for students who want to work with their peers and take their education to the next level.
MSJ American Red Cross B30 Ms. Benton Here at MSJ, Red Cross promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as teaching all of our members to contribute to general public welfare and the race to save lives! As a branch of the International Red Cross movement, we hold fundraisers and inter-club events to help promote health and happiness, as well as give our members exciting ways to earn community service hours! Support our cause and come out and join us at one of our regular meetings in B-30!
MSJ Arabic B33 Mr. Richards Join to learn Arabic and explore Middle Eastern culture through engaging cultural activities! Prior knowledge of Arabic is not required. The Arabic Club shall also provide opportunities to volunteer in the Middle Eastern community.
MSJ Best Friends B20 Mr. Taylor MSJ Best Friends is a club that strives to integrate MSJ students into the special needs community and dissolve any stereotypes about special needs students. We work with the special needs students on campus, are involved in volunteer programs off-campus, and raise funds to donate to the special needs community.
MSJ Biotechnology P26 Ms. Tse We are dedicated to the education of biotechnological processes such as 3D bioprinting and robotics, especially applied in the field of prosthetics.
MSJ Business Club E5/B32 Mr. Hui The MSJ Business Club is an organization that aims to cultivate the major aspects involved in successfully running a business and making members understand and apply the knowledge of personal finance and economics in daily life. To provide the following skills, we will host many activities and participate in many competitions such as the National Economics Challenge, TD Ameritrade U trading challenge (investment/finance), and the MIT Launch Clubs entrepreneurship competition.
MSJ Circuitry B2 Mr. Mallon MSJ Circuitry is a club dedicated to introducing students at MSJ to the art of electrical engineering! This is accomplished through lectures, occasional labs, and guest speakings. MSJ Circuitry meets every other week on Monday at lunch.
MSJ Computer Science Club B8 Mr. Lazar MSJ Computer Science Club (MSJCS or MSJ Compsci) is a club dedicated to promoting and expanding the interest of computer science of the students at MSJ. We aim to bring the joy and excitement of computer science to everyone through many activities, such as lessons/presentations, competitions, discussions, and field trips. We hope to see you at our club meetings, every Tuesday (and occasionally Fridays) in B8! You may also contact us at!
MSJ Cycling   Ms. Singh MSJ Cycling Club welcomes both roadies and mountain bikers of all experience levels. Whether you just want to get some exercise or are in love with biking, you are always welcomed to join us and our two-wheeled machines. We organize many rides throughout the year, and we will end the year with an enjoyable ride in San Francisco. We also offer advice on bike maintenance and tips on how to become a safer and stronger rider. Join our Facebook group for more information. We hope to see you soon! N/A
MSJ DECA B18 Mr. Robinson Mission San Jose DECA is MSJ’s DECA chapter, part of the DECA Inc. organization dedicated towards preparing emerging leaders in the fields of hospitality, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and business management. At MSJ DECA, we strive to create an environment where members can learn about business and marketing, while honing their speaking, presentation, and networking skills.
MSJ Economics Club C4 Ms. Eugster MSJ Economics Club is a club that focuses on preparing students for economics competitions directed at high-schoolers, preparing students for the AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics tests, and building a passion for the world of economics. Anyone can join! N/A
MSJ Green Club C10 Ms. Ishimine Green Club is MSJ’s environmental action club! Our mission to make the world a greener place starts right here at MSJ. Students can help promote environmental awareness through various opportunities, such as helping with Terracycle, installing food scrap bins, cleaning up Fremont’s Tule Ponds, and gardening. Stop by a meeting to learn ways you can start living greener! Our website is Email us at to sign up for our mailing list. Reuse the past, Recycle the present, and Save the future. GO GREEN!
MSJ History Club C10 Mrs. Krishna MSJ History Club is dedicated to National History Day, a competition made to showcase projects of different topics all centered around a large theme. History Club members can partake in this competition and obtain valuable advice and opinions on their projects from fellow club members.
MSJ HOSA B22 Ms. Sultana HOSA is a national organization in which students compete in healthcare-related events and pursue an interest in the health sciences. Students have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, participate in hands on workshops, gain internship opportunities, and compete up to the international level. Students interested in the health sciences are highly encouraged to join! HO HO HOSA!!
MSJ Impromptu P10 Mrs. Malone Impromptu is a club that uses music to reach out to our community. As club members, you receive volunteer hours for every performance you make with us. Performances will mostly be at senior centers. We aim to benefit the community by sharing our passion for music and bridging the gap between elders and youth.
MSJ Interact N10 Nancy Benton MSJ Interact is one of the largest and longest standing service clubs on campus. Many of our members have come from Hopkins Junior Interact Club, which is an extension of MSJ Interact. As a branch of Rotary International, Interact strives to provide service learning and leadership development opportunities for all members, all the while making the world a better place. Meetings are monthly, where we discuss upcoming events, have a chance to bond with friends, and receive free food to make it all worth the while! Check out our district website @! Peace, Love, & Interact on.
MSJ JTASA B30 Ms. Tevlin The Junior Taiwanese-American Student Association exists to increase awareness about Taiwan, to expose students of all ethnicities and heritages to Taiwanese culture, and also to encourage them to become active and responsible citizens in their society by providing volunteer opportunities and internships.
MSJ Key Club P22 Mr. Cain MSJ Key Club is a club dedicated towards providing Mission students with unique service opportunities to benefit the community as well as develop leadership and a family among club members. We strive to provide an environment where students can easily give back to the community with fun and exciting service events. Additionally, we are dedicated not only towards providing service opportunities, but also towards building character and inclusiveness among its members and the community.
MSJ Leo Club B16 Ms. Ruebling On our maroon T-shirt, we are proud to have the words Leadership, Experience, Opportunity and the lion that has represented our club since we were founded in 1984. LEO club is comprised of people who want to provide community service, for the benefit of others as well as themselves. With a wide range of activities from Trick-or-Treat on Safety Street to the annual AIDS Walk in San Francisco, every event offers a unique learning experience. Our goal? We want to give our members opportunities to have fun, meet new people, and be inspired to go above and beyond.
MSJ Mock Trial P1 Mrs. Carattini MSJ Mock Trial provides students with the opportunity to use their critical thinking, speaking, and networking skills. Participants have the rare opportunity to work in the Alameda County Superior Court as they take on various roles such as defense attorneys, prosecution attorneys, witnesses, bailiffs, and clerks. Surrounding the case that is issued each school year, students will follow a curriculum that takes them through analyzing evidence, making opening and closing statements, conducting direct and cross examination, and learning about the U.S. legal system. All the while, students will be mentored and judged by real and experienced attorneys, judges, and legal workers. MSJ Mock Trial holds meetings in P11, Mrs. Carattini’s (advisor) room. Meetings will be publicized in advance.
MSJ Model United Nations P11 Mr. Marden Model United Nations is a club in which students act as delegates of the United Nations and simulate UN committees such as DISEC and the security council. It’s a fun way to learn about international politics, diplomacy, and meet students from all over the bay area. We participate in local conferences as well as an internationally recognized conference at UC Berkeley. MUN is a great way to have lots of fun and create lifelong friendships while learning a lot about international relations!
MSJ Neuroscience Gym Ms. Ware-Hartbeck MSJ Neuroscience aims to provide students an opportunity to explore and enjoy a flourishing field of study. This club strives to provide members with insight into, a deeper understanding of, and an appreciation for the field of neuroscience. Club activities include guest speaker presentations, technology demonstrations, facility tours, external competitions, and intramural competitions.
MSJ PAWS M1 Ms. Sultana MSJ PAWS brings together animal lovers who are interested in pursuing animal-related careers and in getting service hours. We offer animal-related volunteering opportunities, fundraisers to support animal shelters, and speakers with career experience to educate students. Come join us at our meetings and other events, and feel free to email us at for more information!
MSJ Picture Perfect Photography P10 Mr. Farnsworth MSJ’s only on-campus creative photography club. We hold tutorials and training events for newcomers as well as organize opportunities for all to try their hand at photography out in the field.
MSJ Political Science Club E7 Ms. Smith The MSJ Political Science Club focuses on bringing light to the politics of the world. We bring in influential guest speakers and discuss the issues surrounding the United States government and the world. We also provide service hour opportunities by attending political campaigns in the Bay Area. With the elections coming up, the MSJ Political Science Club is a great way to learn about current events at school. If you have any questions, email us at or visit us at
MSJ SANE P3 Mr. Jeffers MSJ SANE is a club focused on spreading awareness about social justice issues in the community by hosting information meetings and debates/discussions about those issues.
MSJ Space Science and Technology B22 Ms. Estabrook MSJ Space Science and Technology welcomes students who are eager to learn about space by participating in NASA affiliated competitions. This club oversees the MIT-NASA Zero Robotics Competition, as well as the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program. N/A
MSJ Speech C11 Mr. Thomsen The MSJ Speech team offers a community of students who work on a wide variety of skills that go beyond public speaking. We learn extensively to write stories and make presentations, understand character motivations, and much more. Besides attending and placing in State- and National-level tournaments, the team also holds banquets and other bonding events to offer students a supportive family of friends. Join our team in Monday lunch meetings and Friday after-school labs to see what we’re all about. And as MSJ’s Speech kids say, Ain’t nobody messin’ with my Clique.
MSJ Stop Hunger Now Gym Ms. Sepulveda, Mrs. Moore The club objective is to increasing awareness about world famine and mitigating its impacts in areas where poverty is prevalent. Members of Stop Hunger Now help to fulfill this objective by participating in club events and spreading the word about hunger. As Stop Hunger Now’s field of influence increases, more large-scale events will be added to further achieve our goal.
MSJ Sustainable Science and Technology E2B Mr. Farnsworth MSJ SS&T is an environmental club that focuses on the technological aspect of sustainability, from cutting-edge innovations to the newest research methods. Sustainability creates and maintains conditions under which humans and the environment can coexist productively, fulfilling the social and economic demands of present and future generations. SS&T introduces the MSJ community to the world of sustainability by raising awareness and initiating green-related projects. Interested in going on field trips, attending guest seminars, connecting with experts in the sustainability field, and making a difference? SS&T is the place to be!
MSJ Tech and Robotics B3 Dr. Brucker The Tech and Robotics Club, Mission San Jose’s premier engineering and technology club, welcomes students who seek to live on the edge of modern technological achievement. We are home to MSJ’s FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition, Team America Rocketry Challenge, and Technology Student Association programs. No prior experience is necessary. Contact us at and join us to experience engineering, teamwork, and success at its finest!
MSJ UNICEF B3 Mr. Malone MSJ UNICEF partners with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise for UNICEF’s lifesaving work. Our UNICEF club is rooted in a belief that students have a vital role to play in helping the world’s children survive, and we support UNICEF’s child support work in over 150 countries. As a club, we hold events to promote children’s issues and participate in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and the UNICEF Tap Project campaigns with other local schools. MSJ UNICEF Club firmly believes in the power of young people to make a major difference. We’re ready to help. Are you?
MSJ VAMS (Visual Arts & Music for Society) N10 Ms. LaRosa MSJ Visual Arts and Music for Society (VAMS) is dedicated to improve our community through visual arts and music. By directly serving and positively impacting the community, we can slowly better our society. Our goal is to reach out to the underprivileged in our community, and through our work, enrich lives with the uplifting power of the arts.
MSJH Archery Club P25 Ms. McCauley Our club offers beginner classes, equipment and range rentals, guest speakers, workshops and competition opportunities for all levels of experience. Join our Facebook group or contact Aaron Chen and Mr. McCauley for more information.
MSJHS DRONE CLUB P24 Mr. Lazar Drone club is where computer science, aviation, and imagination meet. We cover the complete process of building a drone and flying it. The sky is the limit!
MSJHS Lacrosse B8 Mrs. Zhang The Lacrosse Club intends to educate MSJ’s students about the sport of lacrosse, an increasingly popular sport. N/A
MSJHS Medcorps Club N1 Mr. Melcic Medcorps is a health service club dedicated to help students who want a future in medicine, through science and service. We arrange several fundraisers to donate both aid and research organizations across the country. We offer community service and summer internship opportunities relating to the health field. We are eager to expose our youth to the programs we advocate for the benefit of our community through events such as the annual Health Fair and monthly presentations. Come and join us as we spread valuable knowledge to our peers about the importance of healthcare!
MSJHS National French Honors Society C9 Mr. Doumbia The National French Honor Society (La Société Honoraire de Français) of Mission San Jose High School recognizes French students for their high scholastic achievements. We are a resource for those who want to further their understanding of French language and culture. Our members are inducted yearly, and must maintain a high level of academic and cultural awareness.
Muslim Student Association N3 Mr. Jeffers MSA promotes unity and joint action among the Muslims and other students at MSJ. The Club conducts religious, charitable, educational, and cultural activities for its members. There will also be congregational prayers at appropriate timings.
National Art Honors Society B22 Mrs. Christensen NAHS is a club where students explore their interests in art. At our meetings, we work on club and personal projects, and get to know each other well. Club projects include murals for the school, participation in the trashy fashion show, art exhibitions, and smaller fun crafts. Meetings are every Tuesday during lunch in E3.
Odyssey of the Mind E3 Mrs. Estabrook The MSJ Odyssey of the Mind club prepares students for the annual Odyssey of the Mind competition, which is an international educational program promoting creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Students form teams and tackle long-term problems together, using creative means to put together solutions (under a certain cost limit) that they then take to competitions on the Regional, State, and World levels. Long-term prompts range from mechanical and technical challenges to interpretations of classical and theatrical works. In addition, spontaneous problems are short-term problems that allow students to exercise their impromptu imagination, as teams try and respond to prompts in the verbal category, the hands-on category, or a mix of both. The program is an incredible learning experience for all students.
Paper Business Origami Club C11 Ms. Weed-Wolnick Paper Business Origami Club is MSJ’s origami and papercrafting club. We create various models of different difficulties throughout the whole year. There are service hours opportunities, and we hold fundraisers for charity. Feel free to join this club for an enjoyable time making and learning!
Perfect Noise   Mr. Melcic Perfect Noise is a club that specializes in and instructs the art of beatboxing, or more formally known as vocal percussion. No experience is necessary. Come in to C9 at lunch on Mondays to learn to beatbox and perfect skills and technique. N/A
Phoenix Art and Literary Magazine P6 Ms. Lindsey Phoenix Art and Literary Magazine collects the best art, photography, poetry, prose, and college essay submissions from MSJ students. An Editorial Board, selected in the beginning of the school year, chooses these pieces. At the end of each year, we publish these submissions in a magazine. We also host Poetry Slams and feature pieces on our website,
Re-Crayon M1 Ms. Ware-Hartbeck Someone once said life is about using the whole box of crayons, each and every color. What happens when those very crayons turn to stubs? Most people throw them away, not realizing the harm crayon stubs can cause the environment as they continue to pile up in landfills; sixty tons of petroleum used to make crayons end up in U.S. landfills every day. Crayons will be collected from various schools and readied for the recycling process. The program will also educate schoolchildren about the importance of taking care of the planet. MSJ Re-Crayon wants to go green in every color!!
Recreational Basketball Club A2 Scott Sugden MSJ’s Recreational Basketball Club welcomes students interested in playing basketball! Whether you just want to exercise or hang out with your friends, feel free to join us in the gym where you will be able to participate in basketball games and contests! N/A
Spanish Honors Society P3 Ms. Smith We aim to enrich those interested in Spanish culture and currently taking the Spanish classes at school. We offer tutoring, volunteer opportunities, AP prep, and are even planning field trips. Look forward to our fiestas, held in honor of Spanish holidays!
TEDxMSJHS B33 Mr. Richards TEDxMSJHS branches from a larger organization called TED. TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 26 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, the TEDxMSJHS Club will hold several smaller meetings throughout the year to watch and discuss online TED talks as well as an annual TEDxMSJHS event. At the TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.
The Songwriters’ Guild P1 Ms. Ruebling The Songwriters’ Guild is a melting pot for musicians, songwriters, composers, arrangers, producers, singers, and anyone who loves music. The Guild focuses on creating music and performing it in front of an audience. Performance venues include hospitals, retirement homes, cafes, at school, and on stages. We enjoy giving the gift of music to others. The Guild also holds workshops, jam sessions, and contests to showcase all of the fabulous creations!
Ubuntu Athletics B2 Mr. Mallon Ubuntu Athletics is a club that runs afterschool sports programs for the local community to raise money and sponsor student athletes around the world.
Writer’s Block P7 Ms. Waller Writer’s Block is an on-campus writing service organization. We seek to help improve writing skills and performance through one-on-one editing help sessions. Peer editors review writing and offer constructive feedback to aid in writing improvement. In addition, there are writing contests held to encourage students to share their leisurely writing.
Youth Alive N5 Mr. Vierk Youth Alive is MSJ’s official Christian club. We are devoted to the teachings of the Bible, the fellowship of believers, and most importantly, the spreading of love throughout the campus. Please join us at N5 every Monday during lunch for inspirational guest speakers, worship sessions, prayer meetings, fun, food, and friends! Everyone is welcome.
MSJ Film and Productions Club B32 Mr. Hui Hi! MSJ Film Club is dedicated to increasing the awareness of film on this campus. Whether it’s acting, cinematography, directing, or editing we have the spot for you. Our senior officers are highly experienced Film producers. We welcome anyone of any skill even if you just want to try it out! Meetings in B32 N/A
Universal Performers P22 Ms. Carattini Contrary to popular belief, the Universal Performers do not actually perform around the universe, for it is simply too big for us to cover. Actually, being a Universal Performer does not require you to be an active performing arts member at all! The only requirement is that you love the performing arts (as an audience member or performer). Whether it be Band, Theatre, Choral Music, or Technical Theatre, U.P. has a place for everyone. So if you love performing, watching performers, or just love the universe, come join the fun that is U.P!
MSJ Social Entrepreneur Society B36 Mr. Alves MSJ Social Entrepreneur Society is a club in which you can be a social entrepreneur yourself by creating businesses that address social problems with your teammates. We will enter SAGE Global competitions ( annually to showcase our efforts and achievements throughout the year.
MSJ A La Mode Office Ms. Lee (Counselor) A La Mode is the first fashion design club at Mission. We provide an environment that will allow those interested in or share similar interests in fashion to express their creativity. The main emphasis is for members to define and explore their own personal style. Everyone is welcomed no matter what his/her style is. We have a range of activities throughout the year, including DIY projects, speakers, tutorials, fashion shows, contests, and shopping sprees. N/A
MSJ Girl Up P6 Ms. Lindsey Open to all genders, MSJ Girl Up seeks to alleviate gender inequality around the world by empowering American students. We host discussions, guest speakers, and movie screenings. Join to learn more about sexism in your everyday life and become part of the solution!
LIVERight N8 Ms. Luikart LIVERight is a high school chapter of Team HBV, which is the outreach branch of the Stanford Asian Liver Center. LIVERight is dedicated to raising awareness about Hepatitis B, a disease which disproportionately affects Asians and Pacific Islanders worldwide. We encourage people within our local community to get tested and vaccinated for Hepatitis B. LIVERight also offers community service hours at events such as the annual Chinese New Year Festival in San Francisco, as well as opportunities with the Stanford Asian Liver Center.
Mission Japan N2 Ms. Okamura Mission Japan aims to promote, celebrate, and participate in Japanese culture. In our weekly meetings, our members can discuss and learn more about the traditional culture as well as the current popular culture of Japan. We eat Japanese snacks, watch Japanese movies and videos, celebrate Japanese festivals and holidays, and organize a trip to Japantown. No Japanese language experience is required. Join our meetings every Monday for lots of fun this coming year!
Challenge Success P8/Office Ms. Geers Challenge Success is a Mission San Jose High School organization with a goal of promoting a more fulfilling high school experience. Through researching potential schedule changes, improving student-teacher communication, and creating events where speakers help students handle stress, we work together as a team of students, parents, faculty, and administrators to try and make Mission less stressful and more engaging. Examples of our past successes are the removal of class rank from high school transcripts, the revised homework policy, the change in school start time, and individual workshops and events at school. Mission statement: Our mission is to advocate for a balanced lifestyle that fosters integrity, resiliency, and success, which directly correlates to health and happiness.
MSJ WAVE N11 Ms. Sepulveda We are a club that focuses on expanding the frontiers of engineering and design. Through the use of modern art and web development techniques, we help give charities, wildlife reserves, and other nonprofit entities the digital influence they need to make a difference in the world. N/A